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DTours Safari trips are thoughtfully put together by Peter Eastwood and his team of incredible rangers and explorers in Southern Africa.
Peter decided he wanted to share his love for Africa with others, and came up with an ingenious way to do so, while also raising funds for his cause.  He started DTours.  DTours arrange exciting and affordable group trips, with every car on the tour providing a donation which directly supports these projects.  The best part is that because they are privately organised and no administration costs are taken, everyone gets a unique experience taking them from cities to some of the most remote locations at a cheaper price than a standard tour company.

Balloon Rides DTours 2018
Photo Cred: Blair Eastwood DTours 2018
Stew by the fire
Leopard DTours 2018
Rhino & Calf DTours 2016
Lion at watering hole DTours 2018
Campfire DTours 2018
The Gift of Photography
Mukinge Hospital Zambia 2018
Starry Skies DTours 2018
Baines Baobabs Botswana DTours 2018
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"A multitude of small delights constitute happiness"

Charles Baudelaire

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